The Arzuw Foundation is an institution that strives to promote best interests of the Turkmen students around the world. 

For that purpose we organized a number of programs, grants and scholarships that aim at motivation and support of the Turkmen students to become independent thinkers and well educated experts whose primary goal is to give back to the community where they were born.

During six years of operation of the Arzuw Foundation we have collected best experience of our own work and consulted with native Turkmen on how to improve our cooperation with the community of Turkmen. 

We have one full-time employee, Executive Director Sarah Lange, and a team of more than 80 active volunteers including more than 20 Turkmen nationals, that hail from 25 U.S. States and 10 countries. Our dedicated Board of Directors includes business leaders, international education experts and some of the most preeminent Central Asia scholars in the world. Together we support hundreds of dedicated Turkmen students each year with the opportunities, experiences and resources they need to become educated and civic-minded adults.

We appreciate support of our donors, volunteers and all those are engaged into development and promotion of the interests of Turkmen community, and provide annual reports to the activities and financial state of the Arzuw Foundation.