New Scholarship Recipient Reflects on his Experience

The Arzuw Foundation continues to inspire and assist young Turkmen people around the world to receive a high quality education and achieve their career and personal goals.

This summer we were able to offer a one-year emergency scholarship to a new student. We talked to Rovshen, who is now planning on graduating this coming May, about his college experience thus far.

Rovshen remembers his excitement 3.5 years ago when he learned that he had been awarded a partial scholarship at AUBG, and a feeling that he was one step closer to his dream - becoming an expert in the IT field.

Rovshen studies Computer Science and Information Systems at the American University of Bulgaria (AUBG). Before coming to AUBG, Rovshen was considering entering a college in Turkmenistan, but after being admitted to AUBG Rovshen had the chance to explore a new country, enter a well-known college in Europe, and receive an internationally recognized diploma and a great education. Rovshen says most of all he enjoys the ability to gain understanding that there is so much more to learn and so many ways to improve.

"I like it because that is what lets you become next Bill Gates or next Steve Jobs," Rovshen says.

Rovshen's experience is an example of the hard work and commitment to the goal he had set for himself. The process of preparation of the application and taking entrance exams for AUBG took Rovshen about a year and a half.

He describes that the most challenging aspect of getting a scholarship at AUBG was to improve his overall knowledge of math and English in order to get higher scores on entrance exams and to start being active in order to look more appealing as a candidate. Often times it is very hard for applicants to decide what they have done or what qualities they have that would make donors interested. In fact, due to absence of sources of information and mentors to guide young people into their college lives, applicants do not see much of their experience as relevant.

Rovshen and his family had been able to pay his living expenses and partial tuition but because of circumstances beyond his control, they were no longer able to do so.  Arzuw offered Rovshen a one-year scholarship so that he could graduate in 2013.  Rovshen plans to continue studying and improve his knowledge by obtaining a master's degree in Software Engineering.

Just as the Arzuw Foundation advises applicants to decide who they want to become and try achieving it, Rovshen suggests to "think about why you need it, and if you know the answer to the rest is dedication and hard work to get there."