Welcome Home RPCVs!

The last group of Peace Corps volunteers who served in Turkmenistan came back home at the end of October. Returning home can be both sad and exciting for RPCVs, and one volunteer, Lindsay Lowe, describes her return with great happiness.

"It took me no time at all to fall back into the sync of things here in the U.S." Lowe says. "The next morning after I came home I went to Target and Panera with my mom. I was so happy that Panera still had my favorite meal!"

Immediately after coming back to the U.S., using her experience that Lindsay brought from serving as PCV in Turkmenistan, she found a job and started her new life in Portland, Oregon.

Although, the life is going well for Lindsay in the U.S., now she says she misses a few things from Turkmenistan: melons, national foods and taxis, and most of all people who made the past two years unforgettable for her.

"The biggest things I miss about Turkmenistan are my host sister and my Turkmen friends, she says. "I made some extremely close friends in Turkmenistan and so it's been incredibly hard to be away from them after having lived with them for two years. I miss being able to see my best friend at work every day, I miss being able to spontaneously invite myself to her house for lunch with her family, I miss all the incredible kids I taught health to, I miss coming home and being able to tell my host sister everything, I miss my counterpart and her baby (who is named Lindsay after me!!!) and it's basically the people who I miss the most."

Lindsay recalls that at times it was very hard and frustrating to serve in Turkmenistan; it is definitely not an easy country to work in. But Lindsay admits that she loved being a PCV in Turkmenistan and says it's unfortunate that the program has now closed.

On August 31, 2012, the United States Embassy in Ashgabat announced that the Peace Corps would close its programs in Turkmenistan and leave the country by the end of 2012.

Since 1993, more than 740 health and English-language teacher volunteers have lived and worked in every region of Turkmenistan. Peace Corps considers its program to have been extraordinarily successful in terms of achieving its development and cultural exchange goals.

Arzuw Foundation greets returning PCVs and wishes you all successful beginnings of your new lives!