Letter from Sari post Iron Man Race!

To the most wonderful group of supporters ever,

Now that it has been one week since the triathlon, I wanted to take a minute to thank you once again for your support of the Arzuw Foundation and our amazing students. I had plenty of time during the race to think about the hard work and sacrifices of these students, and their dedication and persistence in the face of many obstacles was a huge source of encouragement for me. 

I hope you will consider ongoing support of the Arzuw Foundation. It only takes a moment to become a monthly donor at http://www.arzuw.org/donate/. Every single dollar you donate goes to helping Turkmen youth.

Now about that race...I'll keep it brief, but it was a long (6 hours) hard (70.3 total km) wet and cold slog through gorgeous Austrian countryside and little towns. There were very few Americans racing (and very few women overall - only 350 out of 2,200 racers!), so when I raced by spectators, they saw the U.S. flag on my race number and would shout "USA! USA!" It was very cool, no doubt! It was incredible having my guy Aaron there along with my parents, and even though I saw them just a handful of times on the long course, it was so motivating to know they were there. In the end, I came in 41st for my age group, and was the 2nd female finisher from the U.S. overall, so that's pretty cool! :)

For now, I'm taking it easy and slowly getting back into yoga/Pilates before hitting the roads again. The 2014 race season is just around the corner - gotta be ready for that!

Thank you again for all you've done in making this race mean so much more than just a race. For the Turkmen students depending on our fundraising for their fall and winter tuition this year, it means everything.

Take good care, and I hope we can all stay in touch!

All the best,



Check out her race photo here!