Natasha Looks Forward to Graduation

On September 2nd Natasha began her final year at AUBG and spent time talking with new freshmen students about their concerns going away to college for the first time. Listening to their concerns made her think how far away they were, and how far she had come in her educational journey. Natasha’s major at AUBG is Business Administration with a minor in Information Systems and she enjoys the design aspect of the field more so than the programming.

Looking back on how far she has come, she reflects on the skills she has learned and how this experience has shaped her life.

“ I have become more organized in that I have developed my time management skills,” she says. “I don't panic that much when I look into the future. Most important, I have become more stable emotionally.”

Natasha says this year she is mostly looking forward to making special final memories of school with her friends, traveling, raising her GPA, and of course graduating. She says the biggest challenge she has had to overcome when she transferred to AUBG has been adjusting to the intense workload.

“I had to do several presentations, two essays and in-class writing assignments for a class at AUBG, compared to AUCA where I had to only write two papers for a course during a semester,” she says.

Although the workload is tough, she thoroughly enjoys her design classes, even though they caused her some sleepless nights. She also has immensely enjoyed playing Ultimate Frisbee and a new academic center that is “a little student haven.”

Now she is looking forward to graduation, and her prom, and thinking heavily about graduate school and finding a job.

“Right after graduation life can turn in any direction,” she says. “Basically, here is the plan: I see myself working in a Design/Advertising company with creative community.”

“I will truly miss AUBG community, Blagoevgrad and all places in Bulgaria that I visited,” she adds. “I want to thank the Foundation and its sponsors for making my student life happen which I am going to miss very much.”

Natasha as a baby at home in Turkmenistan---and now ready to graduate from AUBG.