Join the Arzuw 2013 Around-the-World Marathon!

Spring has arrived and Arzuw Foundation staff and volunteers have a spring in their step as we are gearing up for the 2013 Spring Fundraiser to support the Arzuw scholars! This year we are very excited to announce the launch of the first-ever Arzuw 2013 Around-the-World Marathon as part of our fundraising efforts.  You’re probably already wondering how this could work or what this is.  And you may even be thinking—this is the greatest thing since sliced bread, sign me up!

Seven years ago our Board Chair, Kenyon Weaver, had a dream of sending a Turkmen student to college on a full-ride scholarship after he returned from Peace Corps.  But he needed to raise the money to make that happen---so he and his brother Kyle started training for the Boston Marathon.  Friends and family donated to support their cause and 26.2 miles later---our first scholarship was born!  This year we are going back to our roots and bringing our volunteers together to run in support of Turkmen who have a dream of an education. 

The Arzuw 2013 Around-the-World Marathon brings together the international Arzuw Community to support of Turkmen students pursuing the dream of an education.  This unique fundraiser and public awareness campaign allows volunteers anywhere in the world to join our 2013 Arzuw Marathon Team by pledging to run a certain number of miles as an individual or as a team (two or three people running in the same place for example).  Walkers and bikers can also participate!  

Runners set-up a Crowdrise site (with our help of course) for their portion of the run and ask friends and family members to help them reach an established fundraising goal (could be $100 or $1000).  These Crowdrise sites are all linked to a central Arzuw 2013 Around-the-World Marathon site which shows how much has been raised, where our runners are, and how many miles have been run.  Through this site we will also display photos and video of the run so you can see who's running and where they're running.  Pretty cool.  

All runners who sign-up receive an Arzuw 2013 Marathon Team t-shirt that they run their pledged portion of the run in.  Every runner records part of their run with photos or video that we’ll be compiling into a video documentary of the Arzuw 2013 Around-the-World Marathon so you can relive every moment of the run over and over again when you show the video at dinner parties.  

Dust off your running shoes and start stretching out those calves---join the Arzuw 2013 Marathon team by registering at