Nowruz Photo Exhibition in Bishkek

Turkmenistan is a nation with many hospitality traditions. Volunteers and friends of the Arzuw Foundation have experienced national traditions during their stay in Turkmenistan and house parties organized by Arzuw where our hosts presented the culture and tried to share the spirit of a Turkmen house.

This year, Arzuw alumni organized a cultural event aimed at sharing Turkmen culture with guests and visitors of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The event dedicated to the celebration of Nowruz took place on March 24 in Dom 163, where students from Turkmenistan prepared a special program to demonstrate the best of Turkmen culture and spirit.

The event included national songs, dances that involved guests as well, presentation and of course, Turkmen food. An outstanding feature of the event is that it included speeches of the residents of Bishkek who have travelled to Turkmenistan. They shared their impressions about the country and the people, and stressed that most of their experience is very positive as it involves kind and welcoming Turkmen people.

The main part of the event is a photo exhibition that continues until March 30, 2013. We would like to thank all contributors to the Nowruz Photo Contest who have sent their works to us. Guests of the event were surprised by the variety of photos and also by the fact that it shows real Turkmenistan and the life of the Turkmen people.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the event and to Dom 163. We hope that the celebration of the national holidays of Turkmenistan will become part of the traditions of the Arzuw Foundation and involve more people around the world who are curious to learn about Turkmenistan.

Nowruz Photo Exhibition.jpg