New Arzuw Program: Education Bridge Fund

Over the many years we have been working to support Turkmen students, we began to recognize a real need for students to have access to emergency funding.  Often times Turkmen students are derailed from their education plans because of a short-term financial gap in their ability to pay for school.  It was through the experience of hearing the stories and knowing the young people that encountered family and personal emergencies and needed our help to stay enrolled in college, that we came up with the Education Bridge Fund. With this idea in mind, Arzuw developed and now is happy to launch its new Education Bridge Fund. 

The Education Bridge Fund will provide one-time financial support for Turkmen students currently enrolled in undergraduate programs outside of Turkmenistan. Students have to have completed at least one year of study to be eligible for the award. The program is designed to help overcome unexpected situation or emergency that temporarily does not allow students to continue their educations. The funding is provided through a combination grant and no-interest loan award.

Applications will be accepted on a quarterly basis and will be reviewed by the Education Bridge Fund Committee.  Applications for the first round of awards will be available later this summer.  Check our website or Facebook page for details. 

Shall you have any questions, e-mail