Spring Fundraiser: Helping Turkmen Students Make Their Dreams Come True

One of the greatest assets that Arzuw Foundation has is the network of donors, volunteers and partners who help our program run on regular basis. In 2013, Arzuw addressed its friends announcing Spring Fund Drive to make dreams about education of our MLK Scholars come true. And to illustrate how big our network is we need to say that Arzuw has sent over 800 individual pieces of mail to all people on our database.

“This is our way of letting our donors know what the needs of the organization are and what we have been doing lately. In addition to this mailing, we are holding an "Arzuw Marathon Around the World" which entails individuals signing up to run/bike/walk a certain number of miles and then raising funds on their own to support our scholars. We are also seeking volunteers to host house parties to raise funds - hopefully we can do a couple of those too!” says Development Director Sari Long.

Three Turkmen students are in their final year of college at the American University of Bulgaria and one student is at the American University of Central Asia. The students are close to finishing their college education, and the fundraiser is imperative to ensuring that we can fully support them in this last year. Arzuw needs to raise upwards of $7,000 to ensure that the scholars are able to finish up their education, and with the continuing support of our incredible community, all dreams of our scholars become achievable. 

You can help by donating, participating in the marathon or hosting a party.