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Work and Travel: Getting ready for summer adventures

Arzuw Foundation provides wide opportunities for Turkmen students to achieve their educational goals. One of the programs that help students cover their educational expenses is the Work and Travel Loan Program. Arzuw’s Work and Travel Loan Program was established in 2010 to provide Turkmen students with scarce financial resources to cover travel and agency-related costs. In 2013, with the help of CIEE that generously provided 10 scholarships, Arzuw had a chance to expand the number of students who are able to come closer to their educational goals. Thus, Arzuw gave out 4 loans and 10 scholarships, which will help young and talented Turkmen students make their dreams come true.

The selection process included a detailed application with description of the financial situation of the family, as well as community development experience that participants had. Shortlisted candidates were interviewed to find out the level of English and real need for participation in the Work and Travel Loan Program. The criteria for selection by Arzuw was financial need, commitment to the participation in the community development, and demonstrated will to stay engaged with Arzuw’s future projects and alumni network. Starting from mid-May, these talented young Turkmen will go on their journey with the Work and Travel Loan Program, and come back in the end of August with new inspirations and greater expectations for their future.

We hope that WTL recipients enjoy their time in the USA during the program and take the most out of it. First of all it is a great cultural exchange opportunity for them and we hope that they will learn a lot from it,” says WTL program manager Anna Poplasky.

Arzuw looks forward to partnerships such as with CIEE to create more opportunities for Turkmen.

Today you can become part of this wonderful program that provides opportunities for Turkmen scholars to complete their degrees by one of the following ways:

-          Host a student for a weekend or a dinner

-          Give a call to ask about their experience

-          Send a package to surprise and support our students

-          Any other ideas are welcome

If you are interested in becoming a part of WTL program as a volunteer or as a future participant, e-mail