New e-College Guide website is now ready, check it out!

Dear friends! You all know that Arzuw creates various resources to make education of Turkmen students easy and accessible. One of the projects that Arzuw implemented for several years is the Turkmen College Guide. The Guide is an online publication about colleges, scholarships and admissions opportunities for Turkmen students. The careful study of the guide helps applicants prepare for college starting from preparation for the exams to the application of the documents and arrival on college campus. This year, Arzuw brings Turkmen College Guide to the new level by creating e-College Guide website, which is an online platform for communication and a database of knowledge about education abroad.

The project was developed by Arzuw Turkmen volunteers, who worked on it throughout the last year. Here is what they say about e-College Guide: “E-College Guide is a great source for anyone who aspires to become a student. Here you can chat with mentors, collect information about various educational opportunities and create personalized profiles that will provide more opportunities for efficient search and preparation for school. For the moment the system includes analyzed and researched data about application process for BA and MA in USA and Europe. In the future, our development team hopes that search and preparation options available on the website will expand.”

The main purpose of the e-Guide is to lead potential BA or MA students through the application process to universities abroad. It was created for Turkmen students considering internet access and conditions in their home country. The guide describes in details major steps of the application process for both BA and MA and provides useful links to external resources. For example, the section on preparation for TOEFL IBT contains links to free sample tests. The e-Guide is unique as it is very flexible, says developer of the project. “This system can easily be adjusted to the end user needs in terms of design and functionality. The system is designed for Turkmen students as the main audience, but I would not limit the e-College Guide system only to one country as I feel that it could be used by other potential BA and MA students in any country,” he says.

You can try out the website for yourself: There are many ways to improve our e-Guide, make it more interactive and functional, your comments are welcome. Please send them to