Reflections of students graduating at AUCA

Arzuw congratulates all its volunteers and friends who are graduating from universities all around the world. We are happy to have our own graduates, as well students who have been supporting Arzuw throughout their academic studies. This story is about AUCA.

AUCA is one of the first American universities that opened its doors for Turkmen students in 1990s. Accepting more than 160 young scholars by 2008, AUCA provide high quality education in various fields. The ban of Turkmen students to go to AUCA was a significant loss for many young people who wanted to obtain higher education. However, a number of students managed to graduate, and in 2013 we are greeting and congratulating several of them who are going to return home, continue their education or start working on individual projects.

“AUCA is a great school. It is a place where one feels comfortable in the environment with many nationalities and people from various cultural backgrounds. AUCA promotes diversity and tolerance. I am graduating with international relations major and I feel that there are many different opportunities open for me. I am also very happy to go home, but I really hope to be able to attend AUCA alumni events and stay connected to my fellow students,” says a 2013 AUCA alum.

Bishkek is the place that many of our students chose as a destination of their study due to relatively cheap cost of accommodation and widely accessible educational resources. We are always glad to be back to Bishkek and to support our volunteers who hold wonderful projects aimed at education and promotion of Turkmen culture.