Rovshen: Four years later ready to rock the life

We have already told the story about Rovshen, his dreams, aspirations and how an Arzuw scholarship helped him become closer to achieving his goal of becoming an IT engineer. Today, Rovshen has graduated and received his a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Computer Science and Information Systems from the American University of Bulgaria. He has had his commencement ceremony and says that it was one of the best things that has ever happened to him with all great people around and the academic spirit of exploration and achievements.

Here is a short interview with Rovshen where he talks about all the opportunities open for him now, his hopes and expectations.

Arzuw: How does it feel to be graduating from college?

Rovshen: To graduate from the college is like passing through the tunnel of learning and into the door of opportunities exciting experiences and real life!

Moreover, this event is very special for me and my family as I am the first one from my family and all my relatives including my parents to graduate from the American University. I am sure they all feel very proud of me at this moment.

For me now is the time to go to the next step and start applying my knowledge gathered during the four years of BA to create fantastic web and desktop applications to make every day at work or at home easier for everyone.

A: What are your next steps? Are you going to work? Study?

R: My next step after graduation is to attend Master's program in USA at one of the best schools in Texas, Baylor University. I will start in Fall 2013. The reason for doing that is to deepen my knowledge in Computer Science and extend the professional network. Baylor University granted me full scholarship and I am ready for this next very important step in my life.

A: What are two unique things that college gave you that you won’t be able to achieve otherwise?

R: Attending college taught me how to meet deadlines and how to study independently (continue professional and personal development independently). The Arzuw Foundation played very crucial role in my life, as I was able to meet my financial obligation in the last year of my education. Arzuw also allowed me to take on several  web development projects and improve my organizational and development skills. I want to say special thanks to the director of this foundation, Sarah Lange, who gave me valuable advises and support to stay on track of my Bachelor’s degree journey.

A: What advise will you give to future graduates?

R: If I could go back 4 years and tell myself something, I would say this: "Do everything a bit and find what you love doing and what you are good at. Once, you found it become the best in it, not by just studying what is required, but by participating in different projects, activities and additional courses that will give you a broader view of the area you are interested in. In the end, spend time on friends, do more projects in and out of school, and be cool and happy person - those are the keys for success, no matter where you will be or what will you do!"

A: Thank you Rovshen, we hope that your future life will be as bright as your undergraduate years were and Arzuw will always stay in contact to support and help you.