Arzuw Offers Grants to Fund Internships

The college experience isn’t just about getting your degree---it’s also about building up a network of contacts and a resume of experience that will help you get a job or get accepted into graduate school after graduation.   But internships cost money.  Whether its an airline ticket to get to the city where you’ll be interning, paying for housing and food over the summer, or even being able to buy professional clothing to wear to an internship, it’s not an experience everyone can afford.

Last year Executive Director Sarah Lange had an idea to start the Internship Grant Program based on a program that she had benefitted from during her own college experience.  “When I was an undergrad at Tufts University, I wanted nothing more than to intern at the State Department over the summer.  After a long application process I was offered a summer internship in the Office of UN Peacekeeping and Counterterrorism, but it was unpaid.  Not many college students can afford to live in DC and work for free for three months.”  Lange describes the program that helped her finance her internship, “My university offered a competitive internship grant program to students with limited financial resources, and that funding allowed me to complete an amazing internship that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.  I wanted our students to be able to have those experiences that will shape their goals and opportunities in their professional lives.” 

Set to begin accepting applications in mid-July, the Internship Grant Program will provide grants to Turkmen students who want to intern over the summer or winter breaks.  Grants will support any type of internship in any field, so long as it relates to the student’s long-term professional goals.  The applications will be reviewed by a three person volunteer committee.   For more information, check out the Arzuw Foundation Facebook page for updates and program announcements.