Human is the greatest capital: Arzuw Alumni reunion


Hurray dear donors, volunteers, friends and supporters of Arzuw!

Arzuw has come to the time when its activities are now reflected in the actions, goals and career paths of the young people from Turkmenistan who have been inspiring us for the last eight years of our work since 2006.

Arzuw has held its first Alumni Reunion with participation of the 15 most outstanding young people who have been actively involved into Arzuw’s projects. We planned this tremendous activity to sum up results of our programs, discuss our future plans and set up new goals that will inspire more work and higher results. Our alumni are now taking the leading roles of Arzuw project coordinators, mentors to the younger generation of students and developers of the new sets of values and ideas promoted by the among Turkmen community.

During three days of the reunion our alumni held idea labs and discussed how to improve our existing projects, what new projects we want to be implemented, what it means to be a college graduate and what expects us in our common future. Our alumni also made a media project on how education has changed their lives. The reunion created a platform where young Turkmen leaders get together for networking and discussion of the ways to work with Arzuw and independently with each other on issues related to the professional and personal development of our community.

We have screened the film “Girl Rising” and set up the context of the event as education that drives us into the future. Our alumni were very active in discussion of the topics related to how to promote, help and encourage young Turkmen use all existing educational opportunities within the context of Turkmenistan.

We are looking forward to our next reunion and new great ideas put forward by our alumni.