Soon-to-be graduates and professionals: Dovran, Natasha, Ruslan

Natasha, Dovshan and Ruslan have worked hard to receive their education in one of the best universities of the regions of Eastern Europe and Central Asia and now they are ready to start their after-college lives.

“Studying at AUBG was one of the most memorable moments of my life, and the closer the day of the commencement ceremony, the more I feel like I’m on the edge of making a huge step towards my dream,” says Dovran.

Our alumni are creative, talented and now have educational background that will allow them start their successful careers.  While it is very hard to decide what will be the best thing to do after the graduation, Dovran, Natasha and Ruslan are very optimistic about the asset of knowledge and skills that they have developed during their years of undergraduate degree.

 “Education alone cannot offer me a well-paid job. But it gave me a set of skills and qualities that I use to define my future. I gained confidence in the next day and I became persistent in my quest for the best job opportunity. If I didn't study at AUBG I would be working on individual entrepreneur without any promotion perspective. Today I see more career options than four years ago,” reflects Natasha who is going to pursue a career in marketing and advertising.

The success stories of our alumni inspire many young people in Turkmenistan to be persistent in their search for knowledge too. Natasha’s younger sister has now decided to apply for a university after three years of hard work in her home city in Turkmenistan. Just like her many other young people need a bright example of the successful academic path that leads active and creative students into their post-college lives.

Education is the guarantee of the bright future. It is also a very long and uneasy path to take. With the inspiration of their parents, donor support and continuous involvement of Arzuw community, our alumni have passed through this long road and now ready to explore new horizons.

Dovran took a word to thank all our donors for their contributions that we have received throughout these last four years.

“Since my childhood I’ve been told that education is my number one priority. And due to the kindness of individuals like You, I had this wonderful opportunity to earn my bachelor’s degree at this prestigious university. Thanks to You, I have been greatly motivated to keep on pushing forward and always dream big.”

Just like our alumni, Arzuw is and will remain persistent in pursuing the goal of educating outstanding young scholars who will further the values of the foundation in spreading the knowledge and educating young people from Turkmenistan.