Welcome new Work and Travel season

Arzuw always welcomes new initiatives that extend opportunities for young Turkmen scholars to continue and complete their education. One of the initiatives that were made in 2011 was to open more opportunities for Turkmen to participate in the popular Work and Travel program. Through the Work and Travel Loan Program Arzuw provided scarce and precious self-funding opportunity for Turkmen students. We have also expanded these opportunities with the help and a generous donation of the 10 CIEE scholarships that allow us to send more students to the United States to take advantage of this exchange program.

Arzuw continues to improve the work of the Work and Travel loan program. Our program manager Anna Poplasky helped develop “care package” component of the Work and Travel loan program. This summer we'll be offering volunteers the opportunity to send care packages to Turkmen students while they are in the US and away from friends and family.  Anna says she is happy to see students getting as much as possible out of the program. A summer abroad might not be the first time when Turkmen students leave their home country, as many already study in foreign countries. However, it is a great learning experience.

Arzuw is determined to bring Turkmen students closer to their dreams of higher education. This year we plan to distribute $6,000 in no-interest loans and 10 CIEE scholarships. Current application and detailed information about the program can be found at http://www.arzuw.org/watloan or contact director@arzuw.org with any inquiries.

 “We hope that WTL recipients enjoy their time in the USA during the program and take the most out of it. First of all it is a great cultural exchange opportunity for them and we hope that they will learn a lot from it,” says WTL program manager Anna Poplasky.