Good start, big ambitions and a lot of expectations! - Internship grant program

Arzuw has granted its first internship through the new Internship Grant Program. The grant aims to help young Turkmen become professionals through participation in the work of  world-known organizations. Arzuw has already announced that its first internship grant was given to a student currently interning with an environmental NGO in the Middle East. Good start, big ambitions and a lot of expectations! We decided to share this exciting experience of our scholar through the interview that he gave to Arzuw.

To protect the privacy of the student, his name and organization are not disclosed.

Arzuw: Hi and thanks for giving us this interview.

Participant: My pleasure.

A: Tell us little bit about your major and did you choose it?

P:  I study political science. It is a fascinating field and I believe I can make a change. By change I mean I can contribute to the development of my country. I think our government is in need of good specialists and needs to develop and advance relations with foreign countries too, which is what I aim to do.

A: Where do you see yourself working in the future?

P: Either as a politician or any person working in our government.

A: How did you find your NGO that you are interning with and what made you interested in them?

P: I found it through my friend who worked in AISEC before. He helped me a lot in finding this internship. I was interested in anything that related to politics. Environment is a big field directly linked to policy making. Any environmentalist company needs to talk to politicians in order to implement its projects. So I thought, maybe I can make a bridge between these two. 

A: Was it difficult to get an internship with them?

P: No. But technically it might have been hard for them to choose, as they dealt with interns throughout the world. I personally did not see any candidates. Just when I arrived in Oman, I saw my colleagues with whom I work now. I think my English and my acting skills was an asset. They said they needed it.

A: What are your main duties and responsibilities and which is your favorite part?

P: My general duties include going for school sessions, holding awareness campaigns in malls. It was all about protecting the environment in Oman. My favorite part of my internship is school sessions. We once went to Indian school and kids there were very sweet and smart. Teaching them was an amazing experience. 

A: Do you find it challenging to intern abroad?

P: Not at all. I would say my language skills, particularly English helps a lot. 

A: What kind of professional skills have you already developed?

P: My majors, understanding international politics, knowledge of world history. Interning abroad is a unique experience. I cannot say that it was particularly challenging, but it is useful for my future work.

A: What is your plan for return? Do you plan to continue working in this sphere?

P: I'm already back to my homeland. I will apply gained skills everywhere I can, because it is all about saving our environment.

A: Thank you and good luck!