Turkmen Students Represent Turkmenistan at a Multicultural Night in Boston, MA

Multicultural Night in Boston

Many will ask, “Turkmenistan? Is it Russia?” Majority of Turkmen students who study abroad are familiar with this question.

As a young, independent country, Turkmenistan offers its hospitality to many cultures around the world. Many Turkmen students who are enrolled in Universities abroad take part in various international events, representing Turkmenistan and its rich culture.

On July 2, 2015, a group of Turkmen students studying in Boston took part in a “Multicultural Night” at Cambridge College. The purpose of the event was to demonstrate the diversity of international students, increase awareness and promote multiculturalism. More than 10 cultures were represented at the event.

During the event, presenters displayed their cultures by featuring posters, wearing traditional costumes, and performing cross-cultural group dances. Turkmen students performed their traditional dance and engaged their host community in national dance known as Kusht Depdi.

One of the event’s highlights for many students from Turkmenistan, was meeting Igor Y., another Turkmen fellow who has lived in Boston for more than 10 years.

“You guys brought so many memories. I feel like I just arrived in Turkmenistan,” Igor Y. said.

The night ended with a storm of applause, a vibe of positive energy, and many joyful smiles on people’s faces.

Arzuw Foundation strives to support Turkmen students studying abroad and any opportunity for them to take part in the promotion of Turkmenistan’s rich culture and history. These multicultural events raise awareness and respect, and bring a piece of home to Turkmen students who at times go without seeing their families for years.  We believe that creating a positive educational experience built on mutual respect and appreciation is crucial to the development of caring and successful leaders of tomorrow.