Education Bridge Fund Became a Connecting "Bridge" for a Turkmen Student in Texas.

At times pursuing education is not only an enjoyable journey, but also a challenging endeavor.  For those who need a little boost, or help in supporting them through their educational journey, Arzuw Foundation provides various grants and scholarships. The goal is to help young and aspiring individuals stay on track of achieving their dreams and obtaining quality education.

In May of 2015, Aygul A. graduated from Collin College with an associate degree in science in Dallas, Texas. Aygul A. comes from Mary, Turkmenistan. Prior to coming to the United States, she was a finalist of Arzuw’s Turkmen Mentors Program and an active volunteer at the American Corner in Mary.  

Aygul’s outstanding academic excellence and active community engagement in Collin College enabled her to receive an almost full scholarship to continue her education at the University of North Texas. However, despite being awarded the scholarship, there were several hardships Aygul had to encounter. “My transfer scholarship covered almost all of my tuition fees, but I still needed a little more. I also needed to cover my health insurance. I applied for Education Bridge Fund and was awarded a scholarship to be able to continue my education this coming fall,” said Aygul.

In the fall of 2015, Aygul will start her junior year at the University of North Texas, majoring in Linguistics and Law. During the interview with Arzuw Foundation, Aygul shared that “without Arzuw Foundation’s assistance, I would’ve not been able to start my school on time and follow my dream of becoming a United Nations representative and a language professor at a University.”

Arzuw Foundation supports and provides a number of opportunities for ambitious, diligent and passionate young leaders.  Aygul A. is one of them. As she states, “Invest your time in non-stop learning and service. Whatever field you are in, give it the full dedication and be the best at it. Always remind yourselves that you are the future leaders.”

At Arzuw Foundation, we believe that the future depends on the skills and realization of the dreams of Turkmenistan’s young generation. Looking toward the future, we will continue to ensure that today’s late teenagers, and early 20 year olds are educated and employed into careers that can give them an opportunity to contribute to their country’s economic growth and social development.

Education Bridge Fund is one of many programs enabled by Arzuw Foundation, which provides emergency financial assistance including internship grant awards and work and travel loans. For more information go to