Täze Ÿylyňyz gutly bolsun, Happy New Year и конечно же C Новым Годом! We wish to all our volunteers a year full of positivity and productivity, also clarity and confidence in your pursuits, be it in education or career.

As we are getting ready for the re-launch of all our programs for the year 2018, there are new openings for volunteer positions at Arzuw. We are planning to kick off the year with opening applications for Work and Travel Loan Program. Hence, we are putting together a committee of volunteers to oversee the application and review process for Work and Travel Loan applicants.

We strongly encourage the alumni/beneficiaries of W&T Loan Program to apply. There are opportunities for creativity and initiative to enhance this program and expand its offerings. Hence, someone who has gone through the process would have valuable experience with and understanding of the loan program as well as the Work and Travel program in general.

The Work and Travel Loan Program offers Turkmen students no-interest loans to cover the upfront costs of participating in the Work Travel Program. Students on this program receive a 4-month visa to work in the United States while they are full-time college students. Many students use this program to earn educational expenses for the next year.  

This is a fun position and a great way to be involved in the loan process and a way to meet some wonderful Turkmen students. Estimated time commitment is 6-8 hours per month from January-March and 5 hours per month from August-September. During the rest of the year the commitment ranges from 1-3 hours per month.  

If you are interested to be part of this committee, please email us with just a statement of interest to by February 1st.  

Current Turkmen students are eligible to apply for this position, but may not also apply for a Work and Travel Loan in 2018.