Back in 2006, six Peace Corps Volunteers sitting at the kitchen table in Boston had an idea…

Warm in their “cheshkas” (traditional turkmen knitted footwear), and wishing for that steaming hot çörek (turkmen bread) straight outta tamdyr (traditional turkmen open fire oven) they thought of so many of their Turkmen students like ourselves whom they came to know over their two-year service in Turkmenistan. 

We sat there in their English or Health education classes, with our notebooks and minds open, feeling our world and dreams get bigger with every lesson and becoming more ambitious and determined with every advice and guidance they have given us. In order to keep that bridge strong and to continue their support in educational pursuit of Turkmen students they have come to lay the foundation of Arzuw Foundation. 

Over the next decade Arzuw will come to provide hundreds of students with scholarships and grants. As “Arzuw” community of volunteers and alumni grew, many of us, “Arzuw” alumni have graduated universities and embarked on new adventures, started brilliant careers. This year, the Board of Arzuw decided to give the steering wheel of this "marshrutka" (public minivan) to a team of Arzuw alumni to improve the workings and reach of the foundation.

We, Arzuw team, immensely glad and honored that the torch has been passed onto us to continue this great cause, to guide and support our fellow students from Turkmenistan at every step of their educational and professional pursuit. This is perhaps the least we can do to show our appreciation for the opportunities and support we have got from Arzuw. 

After months of work and discussions with all involved parties over countless cups of çaÿ, we are delighted to announce launch of all Arzuw programs as the year progresses. We have kept the best practices, also added couple new programs, namely “Admissions Grant Program” and “Community Building Initiative”. 

Join us in this new chapter of Arzuw Foundations development, learn about our programs, events and also about volunteering opportunities by contacting us or following us on our social media accounts.