One of the ways that we bring our community together around the world and raise funds to support Arzuw Scholarships and emergency funding for Turkmen students is by throwing House Parties!  Volunteers and supporters gather for Turkmen food, music, dancing, good company and always great stories about everyone's connections to Turkmenistan.  100% of donations from attendees go to support Arzuw Scholarships.

From Boston to the Bay Area, our House Parties happen all over the country.  We provide everything House Party hosts need to throw a successful party including door prizes, slide-shows, Turkmen music, recipes and more. 

Would you like to gather your friends together for a Turkmen party and support the Arzuw Scholarship?  Check out our House Party Guide.

Ready to sign-up to host your own House Party?  Want to learn more?  Get in touch with us here.  

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