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The Internship Grant Program provides grants to students from Turkmenistan to participate in professional internship opportunities during all stages of their educational careers.  

Please read through the eligibility requirements and the FAQs before submitting your application.

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Who is eligible? 

  • You must be a citizen of Turkmenistan to apply.

  • You must be enrolled as a full-time student in a university outside of Turkmenistan.  Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible, but there is preference given to undergraduate students.  If you are planning to take a leave of absence to participate in an internship, but plan to resume full-time studies at the completion of the internship, you are eligible for this award.  Please indicate this in your Application Letter if it applies to you.
  • You must have an internship offer or be in the process of negotiating it.
  • Students that have graduated within 12 months (from either undergraduate or graduate studies) of applying for an Internship Grant are eligible for the program.
  • Students with paid internships may apply for assistance with travel or living expenses. 
  • Preference is given to students who have not previously participated in a professional internship.
  • Academic performance is considered, but there is no minimum GPA required to apply.
  • Additionally, a degree of preference will be given to students with an intellectual or physical disability that has created hardship.  

Application Timeline

The Internship Grant Committee reviews applications on a rolling basis.  Once an application is received, the Committee will normally contact the applicant within 2-3 weeks.  Students are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as they receive an internship offer, however, if you face unique time constraints you may indicate in your application that you wish to request an earlier review of your application.  However, these requests are at the discretion of the Committee. 

terms of the award

Internship grants must be used to cover costs directly related to the student’s participation in a professional internship that has been approved by the Internship Grant Committee.  Students selected for this award will be required to submit a mid-term report verifying their internship participation and will also be required to submit a final report on their internship experience.  Awards range in size from $500-$1500 on average.


Who reviews applications for the Internship Grant Committee?

A committee of four volunteers for the Arzuw Foundation reviews all applications and determines who receives an award.

Do I have to contribute anything to the cost of my internship?

Yes, any student selected for an internship grant is expected to contribute 10% of their total internship budget. This is determined based on a budget for the costs of your internship that is submitted with your application.  For example, if you need USD 1000 to cover the cost of your internship, the Committee will expect that you will financially contribute $100 toward your own expenses.  

How much may I request?

Every application will be assessed individually.  In the past, awards have varied from USD 200 to USD 2000. 

What is the selection process and decision timeline?

No later than 3 weeks after you submit application, a selection committee member will reach out with either request for additional information or an invitation for a Skype interview. You can expect a Committee decision no later than a week after the interview. If the decision was positive, Arzuw’s Executive Director will contact you shortly after to arrange money transfer.

Can I receive this award more than once?

No, students are only eligible to receive this award one time.   

What type of internships are eligible for this award? 

You may apply for this grant to participate in any professional internship, in any country and in any career field with the following exception: grants will not be made for internships that are political or religious in nature.  The determination of whether or not an internship fits these criteria is at the discretion of the Internship Grant Committee.

Do I have to have an internship offer before I apply?

Because this program accepts applications on a rolling basis, applications will only be reviewed if you can provide proof of an internship offer.  Exceptions to this are only made in very unique circumstances.  If you feel this applies to you, you may submit a letter of explanation with your application in lieu of an internship offer.

Do I have to do anything once I receive an award?

Yes, once you receive your award you will be required to submit a mid-term internship report and employer verification and a brief essay about your experience at the conclusion of your internship.  

Are awards paid out in one lump sum?

The Committee may decide to pay out an award in two installments---one before your internship begins and the second installment once we receive your mid-term internship report and verification.   This depends on your particular needs and is at the discretion of the Committee.

Is this a loan?

No, awards given out under this program are 100% grant and do not need to be repaid.

I'm in graduate school, can I apply? 

Yes!  Students at any level can apply---undergraduate, graduate and even PhD students.  So long as you have graduated within 12 months of applying for this program, you are still eligible!

Application Process

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS:  Please send your completed application and supporting materials to  Once your application is submitted, we kindly request that you DO NOT email us to check the status of your application, this will only slow down the review process.

Supporting Materials

Please include the following documents with your application.  Incomplete applications can slow down the review and decision process.

  • Completed application

  • Your CV or resume

  • Copy of your unofficial transcript

  • Copy of your passport

  • An official internship offer letter from the employer. Applications without the letter will be accepted, however, any decision made will be conditional to the receipt of the letter.

  • An internship (job) description.
  • One letter of recommendation from a former employer or professor.  Recommendations from friends or family will not be accepted.

  • You may also submit supporting documentation to explain academic performance or any other extenuating factors, not required.


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