Location: Home-Based

Deadline to apply: July 15, 2015

Arzuw Foundation is looking for an individual who is a self-starter and requires no to minimal supervision and training. We are looking for someone who has a genuine interest in Arzuw Foundation’s programs and mission. This is a volunteer (unpaid position) with a flexible schedule, and requires working closely with the Executive Director to implement Volunteer Recruitment and Engagement Plan.  Successful candidate will collaborate with other Program Managers and Arzuw Foundation’s Social Media Intern to effectively utilize social media, Arzuw foundation’s new website, and other forms of advertisement to recruit new volunteers. The position will be responsible for recruiting 2-3 volunteers with specific responsibilities related to Volunteer Recruitment. 

These responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Ø  Keep up-to-date on trends and volunteer engagement possibilities
Ø  Assist prospective volunteers in the volunteer training and application process
Ø  Maintain accurate and confidential volunteer records and develop a volunteer database, including a skill-based database.
Ø  Learn to track volunteers through Bloomerang constituent tracking option
Ø  Design and disseminating  “Volunteer Engagement Kits” to new volunteers.
Ø  Maintain a regular communications schedule with volunteers via (Telephone, Skype, Email, Face-to-Face etc.)
Ø  Respond and attending to all volunteer inquiries.
Ø  Engage with volunteers during Volunteer Engagement Week
Ø  Manage a volunteer recognition award program 
Ø  Conduct an annual volunteer survey to find out how we can improve our volunteer engagement. 
Ø  Others as required.


  • Ø  Can commit at least 10 hours/week.
  • Ø  Excellent knowledge of English and excellent communication skills.
  • Ø  Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to deal with a diverse range of people;
  • Ø  Experience of managing or coordinating projects and volunteers (paid or unpaid);
  • Ø  Capacity to inspire and motivate others;
  • Ø  Ability to deal with information in a confidential manner and respond with sensitivity;
  • Ø  Good organizational skills and the ability to manage a variety of tasks;
  • Ø  Administrative and IT skills, and an ability to maintain records and produce clear written and oral reports;
  • Ø  A flexible and non-judgmental approach to people and work.
  • Ø  Knowledge of database management and social media


Send email with resume to director@arzuw.org, and express why you are interested in this position by July 15, 2015.





Period of Performance:

July 1, 2015 - August 31, 2015

Location:  Home-based
The ideal candidate has a good understanding of Arzuw Foundation’s comparative advantage, and should have excitement for and good judgment about digital strategy, social media and targeted audience research. He/she will be passionate about understanding marketing trends and uncovering insights that lead to compelling and creative work. The social media intern will spend 20 hours per week creating high-converting content and landing pages on all social media platforms for our donors, applicants and all other stakeholders. He/she must have the ability to think both strategically and creatively, and take initiative. The social media intern will play an active role in content direction and design, and develop the social media strategy for Arzuw Foundation in coordination with Arzuw Foundation’s new website.

Compensation: This internship offers a modest compensation package commensurate with experience. 


  • Evaluate and track metrics across Arzuw Foundation’s current social media to outline areas of further development.

  • In coordination with Executive Director, support the development of a comprehensive social media strategy for Arzuw Foundation.

  • Execute one global social media campaign related to Arzuw’s programs (paid and organic).

  • Perform daily monitoring to ensure the social media accounts are pacing well.

  • Identify social trends, important competitive data and emerging opportunities for Arzuw Foundation and its targeted audience.

  • Lead weekly content building (daily/weekly posts, their design, and updates) for all of Arzuw’s social media websites.

  • Develop linkages of social media content with the webpage of Arzuw Foundation.

  • Support the management of all of Arzuw Foundation’s social media websites.

  • Other responsibilities as required by Arzuw's program goals and objectives.


  • An interest and passion for international development, and understanding of marketing communications utilized by various NGOs and nonprofit organizations across all channels (digital, social, mobile, print, television and other forms of communication).

  • Excellent attention to detail, editing, design, and writing skills;

  • Knowledge of web development, graphic design, CSS and HTML4 is an advantage;

  • Must be able to generate polished, publishable content on tight schedules;

  • Background in writing is a plus. 

  • Flexibility to adapt to changing demands and priorities;

  • Experience in wordpress and web development and google analytics is a plus;

  • Fluency in English and/or Russian or Turkmen.

Additional information:

1. Submit Cover Letter + Resume to director@arzuw.org 
2. Submit a writing sample and/or examples of previous work related to social media or web development.

Compensation: Commensurate with experience 

Deadline: Open until filled.