Designed and Implemented by Turkmen Students

Career Development Seminar held by Arzuw Alumni for Young Women in Central Asia

We believe that each and every one of our programs and initiatives should be inspired by, designed with and implemented in partnership with Turkmen students.  The Arzuw Foundation adheres strictly to this philosophy, and every program we offer is either led or designed by a Turkmen student.  Our student volunteers and staff work hand in hand with other professional volunteers who compliment their skills sets and provide student leaders with mentorship and guidance.  

The Arzuw Foundation's programs not only provide unique and unmatched resources and support to Turkmen students, but they also simultaneously offer Turkmen students hands-on leadership and learning opportunities.  We strive to be an organization that empowers young students to develop into caring, globally minded leaders as they complete their undergraduate degrees.   

Our programs are demand driven, meaning that we constantly adapt to the changing needs of Turkmen students.  From Work and Travel Loans to Arzuw Scholarships, we work tirelessly to find innovative ways to support already resourceful Turkmen students pursuing the dream of an education.  

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Work and Travel Loans and CIEE Scholarships  No-interest loans for the summer Work and Travel Program and CIEE Scholarships for program fees and insurance

Education Bridge Fund provides emergency financial awards, including testing scholarships to Turkmen college students in need.

Internship Grant Program provides grants for Turkmen students who would otherwise not be able to afford to participate in professional internships.  

Community Building Initiative gives mini grants to young Turkmen leaders who initiate community building activities with Turkmen students abroad, aiming at (building tighter/stronger network, strengthening networking) improving interconnectedness, exchange of ideas and opportunities in the sphere of education and personal development and stronger community relationships.

Admissions Grant Program aims to support young people from Turkmenistan in their pursuit of educational opportunities in the universities abroad by providing funding for  individual admissions costs, such as testing (TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS) and college application fees