The Arzuw Scholarship provides exceptional Turkmen students with  full-ride scholarships to liberal arts colleges around the world.  We know that we can't change the world in day--but one student at a time we can make a real and lasting difference.  We believe that change is a long term investment, and we're all in. 

The idea that we can bring a lot of people together from all over the world with the single goal of sending a young, talented Turkmen student to college is what the Arzuw Scholarship is all about.  Change is small and incremental, and we believe that there is no greater way to change a life than to give a young person a chance to get a higher education that would have otherwise not been possible.  

Our very first scholarships were made possible by one of our founders, Kenyon Weaver and his brother Kyle, who ran the Boston Marathon to raise money to start this program (that's 26.2 miles of commitment to our cause!).  That's where it started and today hundreds of donations big and small keep our scholars in school--our scholarships are 100% supported by people just like you!  

If you would like to learn more about named scholarship opportunities, please email for more information.

Make your money count, invest in the Arzuw Scholarship and change a life.


Are you a Turkmen student interested in applying for the Arzuw Scholarship?  When applications are available, you can find them here as well as information on eligibility and application deadlines.  

At this time we are not accepting new applications for scholarships.  

A Success Story: Making Dreams Come True.

This year because of the overwhelming support of our donors, we were able to provide an emergency scholarship to an incredible young man working his way through college.  When he contacted us, he was out of options and with just one year left of school and a 3.8 GPA--he needed our help.  

Rovshen wanted to say thank you, here is an excerpt of his letter.  

"Just four months ago, I was not sure if I will be able to pay for the last year at the American University in Bulgaria. I was not sure if I will be able to make my dream of getting bachelor's degree, which I was just two semesters away to come true. I was not sure if I could make it happen, without any money from parents as they both were unemployed. In addition to that, my US visa was just rejected, which meant I could not go to work and travel, which meant at the moment that I could not pay the debt I had. I was desperate and so was my family.

Even though I was studying hard and doing all I could to pay for each semester it was not enough. Then, I had remembered that a very good friend of mine told me to try to contact Arzuw Foundation.  From the moment, I have contacted them up to know I feel that I am not alone any more in my journey to success. I feel that I have a support.Most of you I do not know, but I wish I could get to know you to say:

Thanks a million, million times!!!

I cannot overestimate how helpful each dollar that you gave to me was. Your help encourages me to study even harder to make braver plans for the future and to feel more confident!  I can graduate AUBG with honors, I can devote all my free time to studying, I can start applying for Master in the United States of America, which became a second home for my heart."