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The Turkmen Advisory Council (TAC) is a group of Turkmen scholars who work together to answer questions regarding development processes happening in and outside of Turkmenistan. The Arzuw Foundation (the Foundation) created the Turkmen Advisory Council (TAC) in 2010 with a purpose to engage, empower, and train Turkmen as researchers and critical evaluators of societal developments (programs, projects, events, policies, etc.) in Turkmenistan. TAC provides a platform for young Turkmen scholars to engage in research and consulting on various issues related to Turkmenistan as well as issues in the scope of the Foundation’s mission, by employing Turkmen scholars as consultants for its projects, TAC provides them with an opportunity to work closely with and get trained by experienced Western researchers in research methodology and survey design and use and apply skills and experiences gained by engaging in a real-issue research. This report reflects findings of the 2012 TAC project and makes several recommendations regarding the goals and strategies of the education of Turkmen students abroad.

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