Working at a pizza shop on the East Coast!

Working at a pizza shop on the East Coast!

The Work and Travel Loan Program 


CIEE has partnered with the Arzuw Foundation to provide Work and Travel scholarships to enable more Turkmen students to participate in this cultural exchange. This program is separate from the Work and Travel Loan Program.  Since 2013 this program has awarded 20 scholarships to Turkmen students.  

 Scholarships cover program and insurance fees through CIEE agencies.  

The CIEE Scholarship Program is CLOSED FOR 2016.

The Work and Travel Loan Program is OPEN FOR 2016.

About the Work and Travel Loan Program


The Work and Travel Program is an opportunity for Turkmen college students to spend their summer working in the United States and exploring American culture.  However, we know that many Turkmen students cannot afford the up-front costs needed to cover the program and visa fees, airline tickets, and initial living expenses.  In 2010 with the support of a generous donor, we launched the Work and Travel Loan Program to provide Turkmen students with no-interest loans to cover their up-front expenses.  

FAQs about Work and Travel Loans

Who can apply?

Any Turkmen student who is a full-time college student in an eligible country for the program can apply.  Check the Work and Travel website for details.  

How are the loan recipients selected?

Loan applications are reviewed by a group of Arzuw Foundation volunteers and are scored based on a variety of criteria including the applicant's financial need, whether or not the applicant has secured a job offer, and the applicant's essays.  

When will applications be available?

Applications will be made available on our website between mid-December and early-January each year.

When will I  know if I have been selected?

All applicants will be notified of their status by the first week of March 2014.

How many loans do you give out?

The number and amount of loans varies each year depending on the amounts requested by applicants and the amount of funding available each year.   In 2012 we gave out 4 Work and Travel Loans ranging from $400-$2700, in 2013 we loaned out $5,500.  For 2014 we anticipate providing approximately $6,000 in loans.  

Do you charge interest on the loans?

No, we do not charge any interest on these loans. Loans must be repaid in full by September 1st of the year in which the loan is received and these funds are then used to provide new loans to more students the next year.  

I applied for a CIEE scholarship, but was not selected--can I still apply for a Work and Travel Loan?

Yes!  Absolutely you can.

I have been awarded a CIEE scholarship, can I also apply for a Work and Travel Loan?

Yes! Absolutely you can.  

What is your repayment track record for these loans?

We have been providing Work and Travel loans to students since 2011 and have a 100% repayment rate.  When loans are repaid each year, we simply loan that money back out again the next year (and we also try and add a little more each year to increase the number of loans we can provide).

I've received a Work and Travel Loan in the past, can I still apply?

Yes! Absolutely you can.

I'm in Turkmenistan, can I apply for a loan?

At this time students who are currently enrolled in university in Turkmenistan are not eligible to participate in the Work and Travel Program because there are no sponsoring agencies for this program in the country.  To learn more visit the U.S. State Department's Work and Travel website.  

A Gift that Gives Every Year


Do you want to make a lasting gift that will continue to help Turkmen students every year?  Consider donating to support the Work and Travel Loan Program and your gift will keep on giving for years to come.

Make a donation here or contact the Executive Director at learn more about how your gift can offer sustained support for the Work and Travel Loan Program.  

Want to get involved?  Here are some ways you can help!

  • Host a Turkmen college student while they work in the U.S. for the summer.
  • Assist students who need to find job placements for the summer.
  • Offer to host a Turkmen college student for a few days or a week while they're traveling at the end of the summer.
  • Send care packages to Turkmen students working in the U.S. for the summer.

Contact us at to learn more!


Additional Information

Please read information regarding Social Security procedures for W&T students here.