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The experience of working with Turkmen students illustrated that these are very open-minded and tolerant people. Arzuw learned best traditions and practices of the Turkmen society and tries to target best interests and most keen needs to the community. From these knowledge and with the support of Turkmen, we have organized an annual Women Leadership Conference for young women in Central Asian region.

Initiated by the alumni of Arzuw Foundation, the Women's Conference is expected to become an annual event held by the alumni and staff of Arzuw with the purpose of women's career development promotion and empowerment of young women with skills necessary for successful their further study and work. 

The conference involves representatives of all Central Asian states including Afghanistan. Participants of the conference cover such topics as human rights, domestic violence, and women’s career issues. The conference also  Includes a job shadow component with women leaders in the region. 

Arzuw always supports initiatives of its alumni and encourages all Turkmen students, as well as representatives of other Central Asian states to get involved into activities related to the development issues of the region.


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